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VPN Server list

Unless specified otherwise, all servers have a Gigabit connection, provide a shared IPv4 address and a dedicated IPv6 address, and are hosted on dedicated hardware under our full control.

OpenVPN servers

Server address Location Specifics Netherlands Dedicated IPv4 with all incoming ports Netherlands Group of 4 servers Moldova Basic server France Basic server USA (East) Basic server

Recommendation: use EU2, or EU1 if you need incoming ports.
EU1: The secondary accounts have the same public dedicated IPv4 address as the main account, but don't have incoming ports.

Basic servers are limited to web browsing, have shared IPv6, slower speed, a 200 GB per month quota and are hosted on VPS.

You can connect up to 5 devices (1 main login + 4 sub-logins).
Cryptography: AES 256 bits, RSA 4096 bits. OpenVPN 2.3.4 or newer is required.

WireGuard server

Server address Location Specifics Netherlands Netherlands Connection over IPv4 Netherlands Connection over IPv6

You can connect up to 3 devices (3 keys).

Legacy servers

Server address Location Specifics Netherlands Port forward, no IPv6, obsolete cryptography Netherlands Port forward, no IPv6

Migrating from and addresses

If you generated your OpenVPN configuration file before 2022-03-03, you need to update the connection address in your configuration file (or generate a new configuration file). Connection with old server addresses might stop working at any time.

If the server address in your configuration ends with… modify it this way Replace .su with .co Use
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