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How to check if your Internet activity is really going through the VPN

Click here to check your IP addresses.

Your IPv4 and your IPv6 will be displayed.
When an address belongs to one of our servers, the text Arethusa will be displayed under the address, followed by the country code of the server.

If your IPv4 and IPv6 are both Arethusa addresses, then your Internet activity is going through the VPN.

When to check your IP addresses

  • Right after connecting to a VPN server. VPN software does not always tell you if a problem occurred while setting up the traffic redirection.
  • When your computer resumes from sleep or hibernation with the VPN still active.
  • When you modify your network configuration or install network-related software while the VPN is active.

About IP geolocation tools

It is a bad idea to rely solely on geolocation data to check if you are using a VPN.
Geolocation of IP addresses is not 100% reliable, especially when it comes to VPN servers. And most geolocation websites test only your IPv4 or your IPv6, but not both.

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