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dlbox documentation

What is dlbox ?

dlbox is a web service that helps you download torrents. It is like a simplified seedbox. There is nothing to install on your computer, a web browser is all you need. All P2P activity takes place on our servers.

How does it work ?

You provide .torrent files (or magnet links) to the dlbox service. The content is downloaded on our servers from the P2P networks. When download is finished you get direct download links (HTTPS and FTP).

Why should I use dlbox rather than a BitTorrent client ?

dlbox protects your privacy: your IP address will never appear on P2P networks and nobody will know what you have downloaded. dlbox is also more convenient: it works even behind restrictive firewalls and you don't have to keep your computer online 24h a day. dlbox does not use your computer's upload bandwidth.

How many download slots do I get ?

You have 1 slot for each GB of disk space. Free trial users get 2 slots. Each torrent uses one slot, regardless of status.

How long are the files kept ?

Files are deleted when the auto-delete date is reached, regardless of status. You can also manually delete a torrent.

How long are the torrents seeded ?

Torrents are seeded until the seed limit is reached (configurable up to 1000%), or until they are deleted. Once seeding is stopped, seeding will not resume even if the seed limit is increased later.

Where are the servers located ?

All the servers are located in Western Europe.

Can I watch a video without downloading it ?

Yes you can, as soon as the dlbox has the complete file. If you can't view the video in your web browser, copy-paste the URL in a video player like VLC.

We take action on every copyright complaint within 48 hours.

No, your download links are strictly personal. Sharing a link might result in your account being suspended.

Is there a maximum torrent size ?

dlbox can handle torrents up to 500 GB at the moment.

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